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Jordan Ream


Jordan earned his master's in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 2020 and joined the Veltri Steel team in early 2021. He brings a strong background in welding as well as experience with CAD modeling to the team.

Evan Paul

Chief Estimator

Evan was born and raised in Colorado and obtained bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University. Evan started his career at Veltri Steel in 2018 and his contribution in the operations to Veltri Steel is vital.

Evan is a native to Colorado and his hobbies include hiking, traveling, snowboarding, & exercising.

Tyler Hartbarger

Assistant Vice-President

Tyler provides organizational and administrative leadership and project oversight. With a background in business relationship management, Tyler specializes in business acquisition, strategy development and customer expansion/retention with significant results. Tyler earned a bachelor’s degree from The University of Northern Colorado in Environmental Sustainability studies.

Tyler enjoys spending time with his family, saltwater reefing, fly fishing and other outdoor adventures.

Ilya Gouts

Vice-President, Finance & Strategy

As a proven leader, C-Suite officer and entrepreneur, Ilya brings a vast knowledge of business and financial acumen into the company. His strategic thinking with a mix of financial knowledge helps Veltri Steel to enter the new phase and jump beyond current organizational capabilities.

Ilya has graduated from Columbia College with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and received his Executive MBA with distinction from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Ilya enjoys traveling, great outdoors, and reading.

Doug Veltri

The Founder, Superintendent

Doug Veltri has started his career as an ironworker apprentice in 1979 after graduating high school. He worked his way up working on some of the biggest projects in southern Colorado. In 1988, Doug found his opportunity to become a general contractor during the housing boom of the 1990s. In 2012, Doug had founded Veltri Steel, LLC. In 2013, the workload became enough for Dell to take over the reigns as president of the company while Doug remained in the field to ensure safety and quality of work while meeting or exceeding deadlines.

Doug is father of 4 and grandfather of 5. Doug enjoys time with wife, fishing, cross country drives and taking care of grandchildren as much as he can.

Dell Veltri


Dell’s vision to take the company to new heights made him the youngest president, shortly after graduating from CU Denver with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship in 2013. Since then, the company has stayed successful on every project, making it the preferred steel construction company of Colorado.

Dell is a strategic and transformational leader who inspires others to utilize their potential to their fullest. Dell is also a participative and supportive leader who challenges others to be their best.

Dell is a native of Colorado who enjoys the family time, traveling, lake activities and soaking up to the Colorado lifestyle.